3 At-Home Workouts for A Powerful Physique

If you’re used to a gym replete with squat racks galore and every type of machine you could ask for, working out at home can be discouraging.

Most guys don’t own any workout equipment at all besides some 20-pound dumbbells and maybe a pull-up bar.

When the options are so slim, it seems like there’s no sustainable way to make gains at home. After all, pushups can get boring pretty quick.

Most guys fail to make consistent progress with home workouts because of a lack of creativity. Doing the same thing will always yield the same results.

Here’s the good news: There is an almost endless way to make gains at home using minimal or no equipment. All it takes is a bit of creativity and a willingness to try new things — and maybe fail a few times.

Why Home Workouts are Incredible

For many of us, waking up at the crack of dawn to get to the gym is a harrowing experience. It’s often crowded, the commute can be long, and equipment availability is a hit-or-miss.

Home workouts give you the option to avoid all of those problems and get right to the good stuff.

Here’s a highly effective, simple, and sustainable home workout program that is challenging enough to pack on serious muscle without the gym.

The Workouts

These can be structured throughout the week for a complete at-home program, or used as a one-off workout for when you can’t make it to the gym.

1. Push – Pull – Sprint

30 Minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

Decline Pushup x 25

Inverted Row x 25

Handstand Pushup / Pike Pushup x 12-15

Chinup x 12-15 (add weight if necessary)

50 yard sprint

2. Power Yoga

Superset – 5 Rounds

Dive-bomber pushup x 25

Back Bridge x 30 seconds

Superset: 3 Rounds

Pistol Squat x 12

V-Up x 25

3. Upper-body pump

For time:

75 Decline Pushups

50 Chinups

75 Pushups

50 Inverted Rows

75 Close-Grip Pushups

75 Band Pull-aparts

That’s it! Give one of these bad boys a spin and start making some real gains.

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