If George Zimmerman Is Looking for Any Action, He Won’t Be Finding It on Tinder.

George Zimmerman is no stranger to getting booted from online dating apps. Back in December, Bumble found out about his profile and promptly removed his account. And then in February, they found that he had created another account, and removed that too.

If George hasn’t found love yet, his chances have just gotten slimmer. An investigative site in Orlando found out about Zimmerman’s Tinder profile – where he was employing the name Carter – and decided to expose it with a story.

You can check out his profile below.

Really Carter? “I’m looking for carefree, fun.” I don’t know if that’s the worst part, or the part about a quiet night with Longhorn takeout.

Online dating isn’t completely out of the picture for George. There’s still Hinge, which we’ve deemed to be better than Bumble anyway.

He’ll just need to make sure he does a better job at hiding his identiy – if that’s even possible at this point.