Natty Light Is Looking to Pay Somebody to Drink Their Piss Beer All Summer Long

Natty Light

Attention college kids. If going back home for the summer doesn’t sound that great, how does drinking watered down garbage for the next three months and having to vlog about it sound?

But seriously, Natty Light is hiring for a summer intern. They’ll be paying that lucky guy or gal a whopping $40 hour to attend social and sporting events, and to record everything on camera.

If it wasn’t already completely obvious, the chance of getting hired for this gig is going to be pretty slim, seeing as they are are only hiring one intern. It also doesn’t help that Natty Light has done a great job at marketing this gig so every frat/srat star in the United States will be eyeing for this internship.

But don’t be discouraged by the small odds of getting hired. Just remember that although $40/hour might sound great, they should really be paying you 10X amount for having to drink their disgusting excuse of an alcoholic beverage.

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