Opinion: The Breaking Bad Movie Is A Cover For Better Call Saul Season 5

I really didn’t want to write this article, because of my deep admiration for Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould.  But after the news broke that Better Call Saul won’t be returning to television until 2020, things started to become clearer for me.  I don’t believe there’s going to be a Breaking Bad Movie.  I think the events that have occurred with the news breaking about this movie are all a cover for the 5th (and possibly the last) season of Better Call Saul.

What’s The Incentive For A Breaking Bad Movie?

The thing about Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould is that they have absolutely no financial incentive in creating a Breaking Bad movie. Sure, if there’s a creative and personal reasoning behind the idea, then that would be one thing.  But if we think about how Gilligan ended Breaking Bad, he was so adamant on ending the series sooner than later.  So why would he decide to now decide to rehash the plot of the show for a two-hour AMC special?

I get that there’s more story that could be told, but it still seems like a stretch for Gilligan to suddenly change his mind when Better Call Saul has been doing increasingly well.

What Else Is There For Jesse?

If the movie is going to revolve around Jesse, then let’s think about this for a second.  What else is there for Aaron Paul’s character?  At the end of Breaking Bad, Jesse has escaped the white supremacist compound, and now has a chance of living a life of peace.  If we bring back this story for a movie, what else is there to tell?  Does Jesse get tangled up in the criminal world again?  Does he try to make amends with the last remnant of his life?  All of this just seems like such a stretch.

The great thing about the ending of Breaking Bad was that it allowed our imaginations to fill the blanks.  Is Walter truly dead?  Did Jesse get his redemption?  A movie just seems like a cheap excuse to give us closure.

A Movie Is A Perfect Alabi to Prevent Spoiling Season 5 of BCS

Better Call Saul is at a point where bringing back Breaking Bad plot-points makes more sense.  Don’t forget that in Season 4 we got our first Breaking-Bad flashback. If we do get this Breaking Bad movie, where does that leave Better Call Saul?  A lot of plot-points could be sealed shut, leaving BCS as a prequel only.  Before the series started, we were told that the show would be both a prequel and a sequel, so a movie just seems to be jumping the gun.

Did Michael Mando Spill The Beans?

In an interview with New York Live, Michael Mando (who plays Nacho in BCS) was asked about a potential Breaking Bad movie.  He revealed that all he knows is that Vince Gilligan is writing and directing and that Aaron Paul is in it.

Why would Mando know anything about this movie?  Especially since Gilligan has “supposedly” removed himself from Better Call Saul, leaving Gould the majority of the duties.

The fact that Mando knows anything about this tells me that maybe he himself is more involved than he wants you to believe.  (He talks about the movie around the 4:00 mark.)

Look, a movie may inevitably happen, and I’ll sure as hell want to be the first to watch it.  But all the information I know about Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul makes me feel like this is just a cover.  And that this movie is just a crux to allow Gilligan and Gould to film Breaking-Bad inspired scenes for the 5th season of Better Call Saul.

Let me know your thoughts on this in the comment section below!

  1. You may be correct, but there will still be a post BB Jesse story. He is technically a fugitive known to be one of the last people seen with Hank Schrader before he was murdered.

    The movie, or BCS season 6 could be about Jesse and Gene (Jimmy/Saul) on the run from the law, trying to clear their names.

    Jesse and James on the run. Tell me that doesn’t sound like a great movie.

    1. Better Call Saul is a bad show. It just is. Pretty boring…so I don’t think the movie is a cover for something terrible lol.

      1. You are definitely in the minority there dude! I dont know anyone else who’s seen the show and thought it was boring. Even people who have never seen Breaking Bad like it!

        1. I’m one of those that have not yet watched Breaking Bad – maybe I’ve caught two or three incomplete episodes. Liked what I saw, but too busy to follow at that time.

          Forcing myself to avoid watching until BCS is complete. And it isn’t easy to hold back! BCS is very intriguing for me. Especially a fan of Banks from Wiseguy days.

      2. A comment by an average viewer who only watches network TV and duck dynasty that seeped into our world of a more respectful audience for art and storytelling. BCS is without a doubt the best show on television. The action is not only character driven but camera driven.

    2. Jesse is not a fugitive. Only Hank and Gomez knew about his affiliation and only they knew Walter was Heisenberg. The only way Jesse can be tied into all of this legally is if they lifted his prints of equipment at the supremacist lab where Walter died.

      1. You’re wrong. Both Marie and Skyler are aware of Jesse, he also dissapears after Hank dies, at the least he’s a person of interest. Also, there’s a possibility the police found Jesse’s video confessions at the compound after he escaped.

      2. Yes, Marie would have told the police, and they could think that perhaps he helped Walt kill Hank and Steve. Not to mention, even since Gilligan said his prints were on the Nazi lab. He would indeed be a fugitive.

        But even passed those minor story points, a Jesse and Saul on the run movie would be amazing. Don’t try to fight it.

  2. Personnellement, je pense que le meilleur scénario qui pourra avoir lieu, c’est que, et Jesse et better cher a trouver le reste de l’argent cacher par par la bande qui a tuée Walter … Et pourquoi pas d’autres aussi .. etc

    (Here’s the translation in English.)

    Personally, I think the best scenario that can take place is that, and Jesse and better to find the rest of the money hide by the band that killed Walter … And why not others too .. et

  3. Hahaha, I can assure you that it is currently being filmed here in abq. Nice read though. If I didn’t live here in Burque, I’d probably take your word.

  4. Doesn’t that overlook the possibility that the movie *is* the BTS finale, one that ties the two stories together but is being marketed as a BB movie to raise publicity?

    Seems like “OMG, Bryan Cranstln and Aaron Paul are going to be in a BB movie! (Oh, and you should go watch 4 seasons of BTS if you want some background on who all these other guys are)” would be a pretty successful move.

  5. A comment by an average viewer who only watches network TV and duck dynasty that seeped into our world of a more respectful audience for art and storytelling. BCS is without a doubt the best show on television. The action is not only character driven but camera driven.

  6. Couldn’t agree more. Been thinking the same thing ever since they announced the movie. I believe they will split season 5 into two just like BB. What they filmed in January/February and what they are filming now are going to be the two parts. I think we will see a lot of Gene in the 2nd half of the season.

  7. Your theory has enough holes to drive a Mack truck thru. You might be right but part of Vince genius is that he has never sold his audience short by under estimating our intelligence and I don’t think he will start now. I can see. A 1000 ways that a movie could be used to settle Jesse’s future. Jesse and Walt’s kids are the story lines that we all needed wrapped up after the finale.And I’m not so sure there isn’t a way for Jesse to make it out without police interference. By now I’m sure the police have figured out Marie is an unstable egotistical nut case and there’s even a chance Hank has been exposed as the self-centered power hungrey dirty DEA agent that we all were made aware of in BrBa. The possibilities are endless and I for one CAN NOT WAIT

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