The Best Gym Equipment for Your Home Gym

The Best Gym Equipment for Your Home Gym

You don’t need to get a home gym to stay in shape – as there are plenty of unique ways to do so. However, if you do decide to go the home gym route, you don’t need a lot of space to have a home gym. There is a lot of essential gym equipment that takes up very little space. If you have more space, you could look at bigger pieces or more pieces, but in reality, a small space is perfect for your home gym. Take a look at the essential home gym equipment you need in order to ensure a great workout.


Free weights are the easiest things to add to your home gym. These don’t take up much space and can be used in a variety of exercises. The most common free weight is a dumbbell. These come in a variety of weights and shapes – find the one you feel most comfortable holding.

While not necessarily considered a free weight, kettlebells can be used in some of the same ways as dumbbells. Kettlebells are better used in swinging motions to help build strength and burn fat at the same time.


After picking out your free weights, you will want to pick up some accessories such as a jump rope, stability ball, punching bag, and exercise mat. You may wonder why you need a jump rope, but it’s simple really – jumping rope is a great cardio workout. And a jump rope doesn’t take up much space, especially if you are working with a small area for your home gym.

A stability ball is another great piece of gym equipment – you can get it in a full ball or half ball. The two can be used in similar exercises, but each one has specific workouts geared towards it. The half exercise ball, most commonly known as a BOSU Ball, is great for a home gym because it is smaller than a full stability ball and stores easier. An exercise ball may be smaller when it is deflated but the likelihood you are going to want to inflate it every time you use it is pretty slim. A perk of the exercise ball is it can be deflated for travel. Both options are great ways of working on your core.

Boxing is another great workout that doesn’t require a lot of space. It helps build up your core and releases stress and tension at the same time.

The exercise mat isn’t necessary but is a great addition to any home gym. The exercise mat helps provide some additional padding when you are stretching, doing abs, and other floor exercises. The mats are also easy to wipe down after your workout.


If you have the space for additional cardio equipment in your home gym, you can take a look at an exercise bike, rowing machine or treadmill, depending on what your preference is.

If you are an avid cyclist and already have a nice road bike, the easiest thing you can do is purchase a bike trainer. This allows you to use your current bike as a stationary bike. This doesn’t take up very much space and allows you to train on something you’re already comfortable on. If you are looking for other cycling options, there are a ton of great ones out there such as the Peloton, which is basically the gold standard of exercise bikes. This bike has a high price tag but is worth it. But there are other stationary bikes that can be found for a couple of hundred dollars.

A rowing machine, treadmill or other cardio equipment is a great addition to your home gym if you have space. These take up more space than a stationary bike but if you are going to use it and not just use the equipment as a coat rack, one of these pieces is a good investment for your home gym. A treadmill is likely the most versatile and the one you’ll get the most use out of – whether it’s using it for long runs or just a walk while binging your favorite show.

And last but not least, you don’t want to forget the tunes and some workout gear! Just because you’re working out at home doesn’t you need to opt-out of some comfortable athleisure wear. Also, make sure you have a good sound system – whether it’s an in-home stereo, a great Bluetooth speaker, or personal headphones, you will want something to keep you pumped up while you get your sweat on.