The Rise of Veganism: Why the Diet is Increasing in Popularity

Across the world, many people are choosing to ditch the likes of meat and dairy to adopt a vegan lifestyle. Many of the biggest brands are, therefore, attempting to catch-up on the new health trend to complement consumers’ changing lifestyles.

If you are unsure why many people are switching to a more plant-based diet, read the below reasons why veganism is rising in popularity.

Why Are People Switching to a Vegan Diet?
A vegan diet requires people to give up all animal products, which will include meat, dairy, fish and eggs. Lifestyle vegans also often choose to give up cosmetics, clothing and furniture that use animal products. However, different people have different reasons for switching to veganism.

A UK survey by Mintel found that 49% of the 1,000 people asked stated they are reducing their meat consumption for health reasons, while others said they were motivated to become vegan due to environmental concerns, weight management, animal welfare, antibiotic concerns and personal taste.

Social Media Influencers’ Impact
It is undeniable that social media has contributed to the rise of veganism. Many A-list celebrities are quite vocal about their plant-based lifestyles, such as Miley Cyrus, Ellen DeGeneres, Lea Michele and Ariana Grande, which is influencing people from all walks of life. In fact, if you type #Vegan into Instagram, you can take your pick from more than 87 million posts.

The Growth of Vegan-Friendly Brands
It has been estimated by The Vegan Society that only 40% of the global population will consume meat by 2040, while 35% could choose to eat clean laboratory meat and 25% might opt to consume vegan meat replacements. It is, therefore, unsurprising that many of the world’s biggest brands have chosen to incorporate veganism into their product ranges or menus.

For example, Royal Ascot has recently announced plans to serve delicious vegan dishes at their horse racing events. Ascot Racecourse is one of the most popular racecourses in the UK and hosts an incredible 13 of the nation’s 36 annual Group 1 horse races. The biggest highlight of the event is, of course, The Gold Cup, which offers a £500,000 purse.

Royal Ascot attracts more than 300,000 spectators every year, who can take their pick from the racecourse’s new plant-based menu, and the dishes will be complemented with salt-based celery with gratin potatoes, crispy kale, heritage carrots and a red wine jus. Their dishes can, therefore, cater to many people hoping to embrace a vegan diet and it could even introduce thousands of spectators to healthier alternatives to meat.

It’s not only Royal Ascot that is not only providing more vegan options, either, as Burger Kings across Europe have launched the plant-based Rebel Whopper burger, while KFC permanently added vegan chicken nuggets onto their US menus in December 2019 and McDonalds has recently launched a vegan burger. Starbucks has even introduced a plant-based, protein blended cold brew in US stores.

The Veganuary Campaign
Veganism has not only been influenced by social media and new plant-based menus, but many people are also trying the diet for themselves thanks to the Veganuary campaign, which encouraged 250,000 people to adopt a vegan diet throughout January 2019. While many might choose to return to their meat-based diet come February, others are making a permanent switch to enjoy the many health benefits, such as a reduced risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

Social media is seemingly playing a huge role in the rise of veganism. While it was once viewed as a hippy diet, greater awareness is leading to many more people incorporating more plant-based produce into their diet and saying goodbye to meat, fish, eggs and dairy for good. In fact, the diet has become so popular that many brands are creating vegan dishes and products to accommodate their customers’ new lifestyles, which is also encouraging many more consumers to try the diet for themselves.

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