This Girl Found Out What Happens When You Message Every Single Person To Ever Ghost You

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Getting ghosted sucks. One minute you’re having a great conversation with somebody, and then the next, POOF. They’ve disappeared from total existence.

But one brave woman decided to see just what happens when you try to reconnect with some old flames.

Jesse Peterson, who goes by Carly Rae Jespen on her Twitter handle @tinderdistrict, decided to message every single guy who stopped messaging her on Bumble with the same line – “Did you die?”

Turns out, most of the guys she reached out to ended up striking the conversation back up.

Will used the classic, “Oh I’ve been so busy with medical school” excuse. Nice one!

Larkin tried the, “I haven’t opened the app in 3 months” line. Sure, Larkin, you were messaging back and forth with somebody and then decided to just stop using the app altogether.

So What Were The End Results?

Carly ended up going on a couple of dates with the guys who once ghosted her. One of the guys found out that she has used the same line on other guys, and became offended. The other guy ended up being too nice and no second date ensued.

So, moral of the story? If you seem to be getting ghosted by somebody, hit them with a, “Did you die” line. It seems to work 100% of the time.